Xtracycle Stoker 24" Wheeled Longtail Cargo Bike

The Xtracycle Stoker is a 24" wheeled longtail cargo bike. Preorder yours today for an April delivery!
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We are taking preorders of the Xtracycle eStoker and Stoker! Contact us today if you are interested as there is a limited run of the initial coming in April 2019.

Pricing starts at $2147 which includes Kickback 3 kickstand, and wheel skirts.

What Makes the Xtracycle Stoker 24" Wheeled Cargo Bike Special?

Obviously the 24" Wheels
In a departure from the smaller rear wheel of the Classic and Swoop Edgerunner frames, the Stoker introduces two 24” wheels with fatter tires for increased fun-ability on any surface.

Bigger Rear Wheel & Tire = More Comfortable
One of my main only complaints on the movement to smaller cargo bike wheels is that smaller wheels are stiffer and maybe less comfortable for the riders over that wheel. A year ago during a test of a Benno Boost E, without knowing it, my 3-year-old preferred the ride due to the bigger wheel or because "it didn't hurt her bottom".

Xtracycle Part Compatible
If you already have Xtracycle parts than they are interchangeable with this bike.

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Bike & Service Guarantee
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