Tern Vektron S10 Electric Folding Bike Matte Black/Grey

The Tern Vektron S10 changed our minds about compact electric bikes and was a large inspiration for opening our bike shop (seriously!)
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Who is the Tern Vektron For?

After trying different bike rides, commutes, and multimodal excursions with this bike.

1. Any city cyclist

A great option for ANYONE wanting to commute by bike. It allows the flexibility of hopping in an Uber or friend's car and bringing your bike with you. You can store it under your desk if your work doesn't have great bike parking (Who really wants to lock up their $3500 electric bike?) You will get to work less sweaty and faster thanks to the electric motor.

2. Someone with little storage room for a bike

This is hands down the best folding bike we have ridden. If you don't need electric, Tern does make non-electric folding bikes too.

3. A cargo bike rider with a child over 1

This bike is perfect for when you want to bike with your kids but the cargo bike is too darn big or not easy to transport to where you are going. Example: Take the train downtown with your kid on the Yepp seat instead of trying to squeeze your cargo bike into the train.

4. If you travel by car, bus or train, and would love to take your bike with you

One of the bigger reasons we love this1 bike is that it allows you to carry it with you to more places.

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Details of the Tern Vektron S10 Electric Folding Bike

  • Fits easily on buses and subways for electric multi-modal commuting
  • Resizes in seconds to fit riders 147 – 195 cm (4’10” – 6’5”) so a single bike can be shared by the family
  • Stores under a desk for convenient theft protection; no need to bring a heavy lock
  • Stash a pair in the trunk of a car for weekend getaways
  • German-engineered Bosch Active electric drivetrain—the industry leader in electric bike technology
  • T-Tuned™ geometry for a full-sized ride and comfort
  • Valo™ lighting system, with 150 lumens of power, for 24-hour visibility
  • Rear Cargo Rack™ works seamlessly with Yepp child seats—Maxi Easyfit or Junior Easyfit—for carrying kids
| Larry 21-09-2018 10:27

The only Bosch electric folder available in the United States.

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Bike & Service Guarantee
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