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Xtracycle RFA Midtail Cargo Bike - What We Know

28 Apr 2019

Last updated May 3rd, 2019

A running list of everything I know about the new Xtracycle RFA midtail cargo bike. Ours is headed this way and I will update you ASAP as it gets built up!

  • This bike is shorter than other Xtracycle "longtail" models making it a mid-tail
  • Adjustable dropouts called DynamicDrops™ allow for Sport (shorter) or Utility (longer like a midtail cargo bike)
  • Sport mode gives room for one child or 2 panniers
  • Utility mode gives room for two children or 1 adult or 4 panniers
  • Comes stock with two 24″ x 2.5″ but you can put on 26" in the shorter Sport setup
  • 4130 chromoly frame
  • Starting at $4k in "Sport mode" with a Performance motorPresales are open now. We are 

Presales are open now, we are building up our demo model and you can come test ride one hopefully by this weekend!

A photo and video from Sea Otter 2019

Xtracycle RFA Midtail Cargo Bike

Video from Sea Otter - RFA starts around 4:15


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