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Why I Recommend the Woom 2 Freewheel Kit

28 Feb 2019
by Arleigh

Are handbrakes important on a kid's bike? What is a coaster brake? Why should you get the freewheel upgrade on the woom 2? How difficult is the woom 2 freewheel kit to install? We talk about this and more in this video.

I strongly believe in hand brakes for kids but due to outdated CPSC rules, any kid's bikes with alow seat heights have to come equipped with coaster brakes. The woom 2 14" kid's bike falls into this category so they sell a $20 upgrade to a new wheel (includes tire and tube). Let's talk about why that matters to your kid's biking and what the installation of this new wheel looks like.


Did you know Bike Shop Girl is one of the only woom bike dealers in the world? Learn more about woom and our partnership here.

You can find the woom 2 bikes here. If you aren't in the area and are going to purchase a woom online please use this link so we make a commission!

Disclaimer: Bike Shop Girl is a woom kids' bike dealer but we are a dealer because I believe their bikes are some of the best kids' bikes available.

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