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The State of the Bike Industry April 2018

22 Apr 2018
We are back at it with our quarterly "State of the Bike Industry" with Mark Sutton, editor of Cycling Industry News. In January, we kicked off the Shift Up podcast with this State of the Bike Industry series and I believe it gave us wonderful momentum to have a quickly successful podcast. Listen in to our latest episode and make sure to chime in. We ask a few questions about electric bike share on your shop floor, and what topics you want to listen to!

Recap of Topics Discussed


  1. E-Bikes
  2. Bike Share
  3. Cycling Industry Chat on FB
  4. Omnichannel
  5. More Available Education and Content within the Bike Industry
  6. Losing Ella CyclingTips

Predictions (Follow Up Articles to Come)

  1. EBikes! - Arleigh
  2. Innovation is going to hit us hard in the next 6 months - Arleigh
  3. Bike Share - Mark

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