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Thanksgiving 2018

22 Nov 2018
by Arleigh Greenwald

Since launching the bike shop I've gotten away from posting on Bike Shop Girl as a person which is something I have heard from many people to change. With that in mind and with gratefulness in my heart, I would like to reflect on Thanksgiving 2018 to archive for the future.

Last night, Thanksgiving, I posted the following to social media. 

For Thanksgiving, we should be posting a meme or a holiday staff photo but that doesn’t fit our why very well.

This short video clip is from our bike ride home tonight from a Thanksgiving celebration. We rode mostly bike paths and said hello to many people as our daughter sang and pedaled her neon glowing bike.

This is what we are so very thankful for. We are thankful to each of you that have supported us through the years, and who are now not only supporting our bike shop but helping us build the world we want to see for our children.

Thank you all and Happy Thanksgiving from the team at Bike Shop Girl!

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