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Running a Successful Niche Bike Shop in 2018

14 May 2018
What is it like to open and run a niche independent bike shop in 2018? What are the high and low moments? We discuss this and more with Davey Oil from G&O Family Cyclery.
Oh, Davey Oil, the man, the myth and quickly becoming a legend. G&O Cyclery has been mentioned MANY times during previous episodes of the Shift Up Podcast and I thought it was the perfect time to bring Davey on to discuss what it's like running a niche family bike shop in 2018. Davey brings a lot of energy to the podcast, so you may want to listen to it on 2x slow. Future episodes with Davey will (must) be in person for a clearer connection and hand gestures. Hey Davey, can we do a YouTube live?
Listen in and let us know your own personal highs and lows of running a bike shop in 2018!

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