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Inspiring Kids to Bike Through Stories - Bike Shop Girl Podcast

14 Nov 2018

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In this episode of the Bike Shop Girl Podcast, Arleigh Greenwald interviews Jannine Fitzgerald. The two met at a Quality Bicycle event and have many common goals such as getting more people on bikes. Jannine talks about all the things she has been involved in including her two podcasts, her two books, and how she started Buddy Pegs Media. Jannine reveals the importance of hiring people based on personality, and how to create a culture of community within a store. She tells of her adventure with her family homeschooling from an RV while promoting her passion with The Raise Riders Tour.

Jannine starts off by telling how she got involved in the bike shop. She met her husband, Scott, when she was in need of a bicycle mechanic before a big trip. The two eventually got married and then she started to help him in the shop. She shares some of her best methods of owning a business and how they found success. Over the years they have put a lot of time and energy into customer service, community events, and getting people excited about riding. She explains her method of hiring great employees based on their personalities.

Next, Jannine goes into the content that she and her husband have created over the recent years. After she became a mother, she saw a need to make bicycles exciting for children so they decided to write their own books. The first is called B is for Bicycles where animal characters go through an alphabet journey. The second book is called Taking the Lead where animals want to open up a bike shop themselves. Jannine and her husband have two podcasts that stem from those books. The first podcast they have created is The World of Buddy Pegs, which is storytelling for kids about the little adventures the animals take. Jannine says one great idea is for kids to play with LEGOs® while they listen to audio stories. They also host the Taking the Lead Together podcast for adults. They interview bike industry leaders, pro athletes, and families. You can find all of this content on Buddypegs.com.

Jannine then shares about the incredible journey she is currently taking with her family. This came about when her 8-year-old son was struggling to pay attention at school. She decided to take life into her own hands and moved her family into an RV to tour the country. She even decided to homeschool while on this adventure! They have had help from amazing companies sponsoring them like Woom Bikes USA, DOMA Coffee Roasting Company, and Kodiak Cakes! Together, Jannine and her family host play dates at playgrounds with children and their parents. They even give awards for the First Peddler Hall of Fame! They are making a difference through these events which they are calling The Raise Riders Tour.

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