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Denver Colorado Woom Kid's Bike Headquarters

21 Feb 2019

In 2016, I reached out to woom USA to try one of their balance bikes for my daughter. Ever since that little woom 1 showed up I have been a HUGE fan of the brand. Their bikes are perhaps the most thought out bikes I have seen until a $6k+ adult bike. Our family 100% attributes our daughter riding when she wasn't even 3-years-old to the woom 2 14" wheeled platform.

When looking to open a bike shop woom USA was one of the brands I contacted immediately. I knew they didn't work with bike shops but they had known me for several years so maybe, just maybe, we could figure something out. Well, we thankfully did and I'm proud to say we are one of the few bike shops in the world to sell woom. We are currently acting as a showroom with demo bikes and then order your child's specific bike in the color they want. We build it, install any accessories, and back it with our included first tune-up and our trade up program.

As our shop grows we will start stocking more woom bikes ready to go home but due to the wide color selection, we have found that there hasn't been a guaranteed favorite color in each size and we always want to offer your child their FAVORITE option. For now, we can even send you home with a demo bike if your child is in between sizes or to skip that heartbreak of not going home with a new bike. You can simply borrow one of ours while we specially build theirs! 

You can view woom's bikes here, and if you are interested in having your child-sized for a bike then please book an appointment or visit during our open shop hours on Saturday from 9-1pm.

If you aren't in the area and are going to purchase a woom online please use this link so we make a commission!


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