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Bike Shop Talk: The Current Status of US Bike Shops

26 Feb 2018

This may be our favorite episode yet! In this episode, we are digging in with Jay Townley to discuss the key highlights from the 2017 National Bicycle Dealer Association Speciality Retailer report. A few of the topics discussed: What are the top brands being carried? How is technology being used? What is the average salary of bike shop employees? What are the common fears bike shops have?

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Arleigh Greenwald
1 Feb 2019
Thanks for the feedback and suggestions! We would love to have you come visit. Coffee days start next Thursday morning but feel free to come by anytime we have open hours.<br />
<br />
Yes to show notes - I&#039;ve relied on my media partners for this (First cycling industry news and now Bicycle Retailer) and they are all lacking. I&#039;ll see what we can do.
13 Jan 2019
Can I bake some cookies and bring them to you either for your coffee days or just a drive by. I have to be respectful of your time as my conversations will not produce you any revenue.<br />
<br />
I took the plunge and took the BAM class through Barnett (NDBA). I also bought an e-bike and have been volunteering at Community Cycles in Boulder. I might need some encouragement if you are so willing to provide.<br />
<br />
Here is an observation of what lacks with your podcasts (they actually are riveting). They lack good show notes with time annotations such as https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t674dAueHtc.
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