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5 Reasons We Believe in Balance Bikes

2 Nov 2018

A decade ago (2008) we were introduced to the concept of "pedal-free bikes". These bikes had foam tires, and no pedals, chain or training wheels. We started selling them because they were affordable (<$100 back then), and then we realized they worked. These Strider balance bikes started getting kids biking at 2-3 years old. We have seen kids as young as 18 months pedaling their own bikes thanks to balance bikes.

Our Top 5 Reasons We Believe in Balance Bikes

  1. Removing the training wheels allows the child to use their own body and feet for balance. This builds confidence and allows the child to have control of their bike and body.

  2. Children can start using a balance bike once they are able to walk! We prefer the woom 1 for the smallest of riders due to the very low standover height.

  3. Balance bikes are lighter, so light that 13-month-olds can pick up the bikes on their own.

  4. You can turn ANY bike into a balance bike. Simply remove the pedals and lower the seat. It isn’t ideal as the bike is heavier and the cranks that the pedals are attached to are still in the way but it allows us to teach older kids and adults with the same concept of using your feet to balance.

  5. Balance bikes keep their value and can last for many children. We personally have a bike that has taught over 11 kids to balance and then pedal before they were 3.5 years old!

Come Test Out a Balance Bike!

We stock kid's balance bikes from Strider and woom. You can check them all out here. Most importantly, we are also always happy to help get your child going on a balance bike. We have demos for your kids to try out in the store or on the local bike path. We encourage you to stop by the shop anytime for us to give you a hand!

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