The 2017 Women’s Cycling Short and Bib Guide

Women's Cycling Short Guide

Bicycling shorts are one of the most commonly asked questioned we receive. Much like your favorite pair of jeans, it depends on your body type and what you plan on tackling in your jeans, i.e. dancing, gardening, dinner, etc. Over here at Women’s Cycling, we have started working on our first Women’s Cycling Short and Bib Guide by reviewing as many women’s cycling shorts and bibs as we can get our hands on. Let’s discuss what criteria we will be covering and make sure to weigh in on what matters to you in the comments!

Women’s Cycling Short and Bib Testing Criteria

  1. The Level of Short/Bib: 
    • Beginner <25 miles
    • Intermediate 25-50 miles
    • The Long Ride over 50 miles
  2. Chamois Comfort
  3. Fit
  4. Price to Comfort & Technology
  5. Size range
  6. Availability

Do you have something to add to our criteria? Let us know!

Women’s Cycling Short and Bib Reviews Thus Far

The Long Ride / 50+ miles

• Pearl Izumi P.R.O. Escape Women’s Cycling Bib Short Review

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